Contract packaging of coffee in capsules, pods and sachets

In addition to packaging the coffee supplied by the customer, we also offer a finished product service, starting from the graphics, the production of the blend, the packaging and shipping of the product. Thanks to the experience gained over the years, to the specialized personnel present in our company since its establishment and last but not least the passion for coffee, we can offer the customer a reliable and constant product over time.

Our third party service

LE NAIADI srl packs the coffee supplied by the customer, if requested, creates the graphics before packaging and, having agreed with the customer on the right grind, proceeds with the packaging. If required, we can study customized blends for the customer. Our product range includes: The compatible capsules in use today are the point capsules which can contain coffee, tea, herbal teas, ginseng coffee, barley, etc… The weight varies from 2g to 7g depending on the product to be packaged . The coffee capsules are packaged in a protective atmosphere in single-serving packages.
Produzione capsule caffè conto terzi

Our coffee packaging service for third parties offers the possibility of filling the pods with: coffee ground barley, ginseng coffee, etc… The weight varies from 2g to 7.2g depending on the product to be packaged. A separate discussion are the pods for American coffee. This pod can dispense up to 150ml of product.
All coffee pods are packaged in a protective atmosphere.

The single-serving sachet of ground coffee is used with coffee and decaffeinated coffee. Both coffees have a weight ranging from 6g to 7.5g. This sachet is mainly used in the domestic channel for machines with saucers, and in the HORECA channel for professional machines, bars, restaurants, etc. The single-serving sachet is vacuum packed.

All our products can be customized with the customer’s logo.

LE NAIADI srl offers a customization service starting from the graphic creation, the packaging, the printing on the product and its shipping strong>. This service allows you to be quick in the delivery of the product.